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Web Site Promotion: 42 Deadly Ad Copy Sins To Avoid, To Ensure Rapid Success

Most people who are not doing well on the internet with
their website don’t know the cause.

They worry that they are not generating traffics.

But they have never paused to ask why the visitors
they are getting are not buying from them.

I have been to many good websites as well as bad ones.

Most of the bad ones have many design flaws.

Some ask you to place an order with a credit card, and
yet they have no information about the company such as
the company’s physical address, phone and e-mail.

Some of the corporate websites have very small fonts
which are difficult to read.

Some have too many graphics and photos which cause
the loading of the website to slow down.

Some websites will not allow you to see the content
until you have subscribed to their e-zines, whether you
like it or not.

You have to go back to your website and re-examine
it thoroughly because you may have committed many design
sins that may be turning your website visitors off and
make you to lose sales.

You may never get the design right easily at the first time.

The trick is to keep changing and testing the content.

Don’t just write one and then stop.

Learn from your mistakes and keep moving on, always
testing, revising and improving your website for greater
impact and profitability.

Below are some design sins to avoid so as to succeed in your website promotion.

They will help you to empower your website and sky rocket your sales.

(1) Lack of compelling headline

(2) Lack of believable testimonials

(3) Lack of sub headlines

(4) Lack of attractive benefits

(5) Lack of features

(6) Lack of strong guarantees

(7) Not asking or answering questions

(8) No proof of benefits offered

(9) No contact information for questions

(10) No endorsements

(11) No conversational writing

(12) Too long of sentences

(13) Lack of deadline to order

(14) Lack of free trials

(15) Presence of spelling mistakes

(16) Grammar mistakes

(17) Too light of text

(18) Too dark of background

(19) Ad copy doesn’t blend together

(20) No breaks in ad copy

(21) No bullets

(22) Ad copy in all CAPS

(23) Few ordering options

(24) No visual aids

(25) No comparison to competition

(26) No reminding of benefits or deadlines

(27) No information about your business

(28) No appealing adjectives

(29) No appealing phrases

(30) Too large of text

(31) Too small of text

(32) No emotional appeal

(33) Too large of paragraphs

(34) No story telling

(35) No underlining or bolding of keywords

(36) Too short of ad copy

(37) Too long of ad copy

(38) No facts or case studies

(39) Hard to understand jargon

(40) No free bonuses

(41) Too low of price

(43) Too high of price

Don’t get me wrong, not all 42 of my ad copy sins will
apply to each and every ad you write.

It is just a list you can use in the future.

If you currently have an ad copy, compare it to the list right now.

Your ad copy could make or break your sales.

May these web site promotion secrets help you to make a
lot of money.


I-key Benney, CEO

Why Income Opportunity Home Based Businesses Are in Demand

The trend for income opportunity home based businesses is really growing stronger day by day and it can be a golden opportunity for those who would like to set up their own business rather than working for corporate firms and multinational in a nine to five shift. For those who think that there are no income opportunity for those who want to set up a business from home, they need to research well about the market opportunities and they will surely find enough income opportunity home businesses available on the internet.The reason why there is so much demand for income opportunity home based businesses is because people are getting really tired of working for corporates and in offices that would offer them no job satisfaction and the job at times becomes very monotonous and that is the time when an employee starts looking for a change that would really help him to develop his talent and skills. Additionally, these small businesses which people operate from their homes, are easily available online which means that you do not even have to commute daily from home to office and back home. These kind of home based businesses ideas really save your time and money which you can devote to other important things in your life.Another good thing about these home based income businesses is that you can select what kind of work you want to do which attracts most of the people all over the world. If you have a flair for writing you can write articles online, if you have some entrepreneurial skills you can come up with your own site and idea and try it out, if you have good salesman quality you can join other marketing programs online and work for them and get the kind of job satisfaction that you want from your job.These small home based businesses are available in each and every country on the globe and even if you do not find one in your country you can always work online and get your payments transferred electronically.

Looking At A Home Based Business

It is becoming popular in Canada the home based business opportunities as an alternative career to the usual office work because of the various reasons. First, you are your own boss. It gives you freedom in terms of how you many hours you will devote your time in working and what time you want to work. Home based business offers flexibility and according to your own pace. Second, you tend to save a lot of money like your transportation, food and allowance costs and other expenses tied in having an office job. Third, you have the preferred environment where you want to work. You have your own comfortable office space. You don’t deal with office politics or issues that add up to stress and pressure.On the other hand, there are also drawbacks of having a home based business. First, there will be lots of distractions. Like, there will be visitors and family matters that need your attention, which will hamper your work and concentration. Second, you do not have that much space and resources for expansion because you are just forced to utilize what you have in your home. For instance, you just have to work on a space as big as a 20 square meters because that’s the only available space in the entire house.Canadian home based business is the new career. It is now becoming common and at the same time profitable. Most of these businesses are offering services and not products. These services offer basic ones that any average household needs such as cleaning services. Some offer specialized services that needs specific services such as: pet grooming or pet sitting services for those people with pets; tutorial services for children whose parents cannot attend to their children’s studies; and tailoring services for people who exceeds the normal body size that needs special clothes or alterations.Having a home based business is not that hard if you have decided what you really want and if you find the right time and opportunity. Remember to consider carefully home based business if that’s the right career for you. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages before you take the plunge. If you feel that home based business is the right career for you, don’t let the drawbacks get through you especially if you believe that through this venture, you will achieve your personal and work goals: just do it with careful planning and you are on the right track.